Public School Officials Urge State Lawmakers To Hold Off On Education Reform Bills

Dec 4, 2012

Credit File photo / WKAR

Opponents of bills to reform the state’s education system are urging lawmakers to hold off until next year. A group of public school officials gathered at the state Capitol to make their case.

One of the measures would expand a newly-formed state-run district that oversees some of Michigan’s poorest performing schools.

Right now, it’s made up of 15 schools in Detroit. Under the bill, it could include schools all over the state.

Another bill looks to increase school choice by providing new types of schools. They would include corporation-run schools and more online options.

William Mayes is with the Michigan Association of School Administrators. He says the bills are flawed and should not be rushed through before the end of the year.

“We’re not afraid to change, but we want it to be in a thoughtful and a very positive way,” Mayes says.

Supporters of the measures say they are the best way to drive improvements in education.

 Governor Rick Snyder says the legislation is a priority before the end of the year.