Protestors To Rally Outside MI Supreme Court

Jul 25, 2012

Opponents of a proposal to allow eight new casinos in Michigan will ask the state Court of Appeals to order the question off the November ballot.

The Protect MI Vote coalition is made up of business groups, the three Detroit casinos, and three tribal casinos. The coalition says it’s found a fatal flaw in the proposal – that it seeks to both amend the state constitution and the state’s casino gaming law that was enacted by voters in 1996.

Protect MI Vote’s John Truscott says a ballot question cannot be both.

"It's just a straightforward violation of the constitution that we have in place in Michigan today," Truscott says. 

"We feel confident our language is good to go for November," says Emily Gerkin Palsrok with the pro-casino campaign.  She says the proposal was carefully drafted by constitutional lawyers.  She says the existing casinos are using every avenue they can to stop any new competition.