Protesters in Pink Shirts Oppose Abortion Legislation

Jun 12, 2012

There was a demonstration Tuesday at the state Capitol as abortion rights advocates protested legislation up for a vote this week.

The protesters lined the sidewalk leading to the entrance of the Capitol.

Demonstrators in pink shirts chanted and waved signs as they urged lawmakers about to enter the Capitol to reject the anti-abortion measures. The legislation would forbid aborting a pregnancy after 20 weeks.It would also require clinic inspections, and impose new restrictions on abortion providers.

Abortion rights advocates like Susie Simons say the measures would impose new burdens on women and health care providers, and would force some clinics to close.

“I’m terrified for women all over Michigan, frankly,” she says.

A much smaller group – this one of abortion opponents including Karen Walacavage -- lined up on the other side of the walkway leading to the Capitol.

“Our representatives are doing what we asked them to do in promoting life,” she says.

The measures are expected to pass since a majority of Michigan lawmakers are endorsed by anti-abortion groups.