Primary Ballot Preferences Will Be Made Public

Feb 26, 2012

When they go to the polls Tuesday, some voters in Michigan may be uncomfortable with new state rules for presidential primaries. 

Voters will be required to request, in writing, either a Republican, Democratic or non-partisan ballot.   And voters' ballot selections will be made public after the election.

Candidate selections won't be shared, but a voter's party preference will be.

East Lansing City Clerk Marie McKenna wants voters to know about the new regulations, so they don't think that poll workers are invading their privacy.

"That poll worker will be required to indicate the ballot choice in the precinct book," says McKenna.  "That came from the state.  That is not something that we elected to do locally.  So that is a requirement, and that will be public information, as is all voting information."

Democrats will ignore the results of this primary election, because they are caucusing next month.

All of the ballots in East Lansing will include the school bond proposal.