Presidential Campaigns In Michigan Not Slowing Down For Sandy

Oct 30, 2012

President Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaigns say bad weather won't slow down their efforts in Michigan.

Credit WKAR File Photo

A week away from the November election, most polls show President Obama ahead in the state. But Romney supporters in Michigan say they’re gaining ground.

Romney State Director John Sellek  says Tropical Storm Sandy has not hurt get-out-the-vote efforts.

“In Michigan, we’re a hardy breed of folks," he says. "And we’re used to doing this. We’re used to being out working in the weather.”

Romney campaign officials say they have several thousand volunteers knocking on doors and making phone calls in the state.

The Obama campaign in Michigan is encouraging its volunteers to stay safe, but still plans to be in the field through Election Day.

The State Police is asking people to prepare for cold, windy weather. Emergency officials say flooding and blackouts are possible.