Poll shows public wants legislators to bear the brunt of cost cutting

LANSING, MI – A new Epic MRA poll shows Michigan citizens think funding should be cut for the state Legislature rather than for state police and K-12 schools.

State legislators will return to Lansing next week and hash out budget disputes after a two week summer recess. On the table for discussion are proposed cuts to the amount of money per K-12 student and the elimination of Michigan Promise college scholarships.

But polling shows even Republican voters don't agree with deep cuts proposed by the GOP-controlled state Senate. Michigan residents think funding for the Legislature should be on the chopping block instead.

Bernie Porn is with Epic MRA. He says term limits in state government often contribute to the dissatisfaction of the general public.

"The legislators do not look at the long-term problems and long-term plans and solutions," he says. "They're more attuned to the six years that they have to serve."

But Porn says paying for the Legislature eats up less than 1% of the state's total budget, and cutting funding would hardly be worth it.