Pink-slipped Pens on verge of proving Hossa right

PITTSBURGH (AP) – PITTSBURGH (AP) - You'd think the Pittsburgh's inability to deal with Pavel Datsyuk and the disappearance of their own stars would be enough for the Penguins to fret about.

But they also might have to admit that Marian Hossa was right.

Hossa's better chance of winning the Stanley Cup was in Detroit, not in Pittsburgh.

Hossa doesn't have a goal, hasn't made a signature play and has been less effective for Detroit than he was for Pittsburgh in the finals a year ago. But with one more victory, the man who has spent 11 months rationalizing why he left a championship-caliber team in Pittsburgh and the big money it offered to sign a one-year deal
with Detroit won't have to explain any longer.

The Red Wings lead the Stanley Cup finals 3-2 heading in a potential Cup-clinching Game 6 on Tuesday night.