Okemos' Draths Corp moving, expanding

EAST LANSING, MI – A Lansing-area alternative energy manufacturer is expanding. The Michigan Economic Growth Authority has approved a $5.2 million tax credit for the Draths Corporation.

The Okemos-based firm makes components for plastic and nylon products using renewable fuels. It says it will use the incentive to combine with its administrative offices---currently in Minnesota---in a new, central location in Delhi Township. Dr. John Frost is Draths' Chief Science Officer:

"Realistically, any time you have more than one site, it's a challenging situation," he says. "And when you're a start-up company, a high-tech company, and things are moving, and moving very fast, you want people bumping elbows at one site."

The company expects higher petroleum costs to increase demand for its products. It expects to create about 200 new jobs in the next five years.