Official Michigan Christmas tree is taking shape

Lansing, MI – Utility crews in downtown Lansing spent a third day Friday decorating the official Michigan state Christmas tree. Workers from the Lansing Board of Water and Light are stringing colored lights on the 65-foot spruce, which arrived at the Capitol November 8 from Negaunee in the Upper Peninsula.

"We try to get four to five thousand lights on the tree, depending on the girth of the tree and how tall," says Steve Selfridge. He's an electrician for the state's Capitol Facilities office. "They should be just about finished today and then we'll get some ladders out here next week and we'll finish the bottom couple of rows, test it out and make sure it works in the daytime and wait for Silver Bells."

The state Christmas tree will be lit November 20 at the start of Lansing's annual Silver Bells in the City.