November Ballot Waiting on Word from State Supreme Court

Sep 3, 2012

The Michigan Supreme Court is expected to rule early this week on which questions will appear on the November ballot. The court has to rule this week if the state is going to meet state and federal elections deadlines.

The court is considering challenges to three proposed amendments to the state constitution, and to the referendum  on Michigan’s emergency manager law. All told, there could be seven questions on the November ballot if the court rejects all the challenges.

Time is growing short, but Michigan Bureau of Elections Director Chris Thomas says he expects the Supreme Court will act in time for the state to meet Friday’s deadline to wrap up most details of the November ballot.

“So as long as we’re done by Friday, we can live with it,” he says.

A state elections board has scheduled a Friday meeting to finalize most of the November ballot. The ballot won’t be finished until Saturday, when Michigan Republicans will nominate candidates for the state Supreme Court.