New council Pres says Lansing leaders agree to improve communication


The new president of the Lansing City Council says city leaders have committed to improve communications with each other in 2012.

Monday night, council veteran Brian Jeffries was elected leader of the body after a series of committee votes resulting in split decisions. Kathie Dunbar will serve another term as Vice-President.

Friction on the council between groups of supporters and opponents of Mayor Virg Bernero have led critics to call the council 'dysfunctional.'

Jeffries says improving communication is important in creating a better functioning council and administration in the new year.

"We have an agreement that we're going to, in a reasonable way, process the issues that are brought forward by the administration," he says. "And likewise the administration is going to be presenting to council in a more timely fashion more complete information."

Jeffries says he and Vice-President Kathie Dunbar have begun collaborating on committee assignments for the new session.