Nassar Ordered to Stand Trial in Eaton County

Jun 30, 2017

An Eaton County judge has ordered former MSU sports physician Larry Nassar to stand trial on charges of sexual assault. 

At a hearing in Charlotte, three of Nassar’s accusers told stories of how Nassar penetrated their genitals during numerous medical treatment sessions at a gymnastics facility in Dimondale. 


One witness said Nassar instructed her not to tell her parents about his actions because “they wouldn’t understand.”  At one point she became emotional on the stand, telling the prosecution she felt “conflicted and embarrassed” because she felt she was betraying Nassar, whom she felt “was capable of being a really good doctor.”


District Court Judge Julie Reincke ordered Nassar to stand trial in Eaton Circuit Court on seven counts of first degree and six counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct. 


No date has been set. 


Nassar also faces trial in Ingham County and three federal child pornography charges.