MSU students urged to comply with census


Michigan State University students are being urged today to comply with the U-S Census this year.

AUDIO: That request was made to students passing by The Rock on the MSU campus by members of a group promoting the census. East Lansing mayor Victor Loomis stopped by to reinforce the message that the population count is important to the city.

Organizer Lindsay Bacigalupo says students have much to gain from being counted.

"It can affect tuition costs," Bacigalupo says. "Most students here ride the CATA (Capital Area Transportation Authority); that's a big part that funding will go to, and there's just a lot of factors that you don't realize until you look into it."

Part of the message to students is that the form only has ten questions and will take no more than ten minutes to fill out.

The official census count day is April first.