MSU Students meet with Pollan

East Lansing, MI – Author and food industry critic Michael Pollan will speak at the Wharton Center at Michigan State University Monday. Pollan has also scheduled a question and answer forum with MSU students. Some agriculture students are looking forward to a spirited discussion.

Pollan is a best selling author of several books which look critically at the way food is produced. In one of his books, "The Omnivore's Dilemma", he argues that large-scale farmers are profit-driven, that they mistreat animals and overuse corn.

Not everyone agrees with that message. MSU senior Greg Thon is majoring in agricultural business and he's a member of Farmhouse fraternity. He takes issue with Pollan's criticism of conventional agriculture. "He's got to remember that he's attacking our livelihoods and kind of our heritage. You know, there are many kids in my fraternity that are seventh generation farmers, and sometimes it's hard to have a discussion with somebody who doesn't come from an agricultural background like Mr. Pollan, but yet takes a very critical viewpoint of it."

Thon says, he does admire Pollan for shedding light on food production,

The forum is restricted to MSU students. Pollan's lecture at the Wharton Center is sold out.