MSU student group wants to halt budget cuts

A group of Michigan State University students Friday called for a moratorium on budget-cutting decisions.

Lila Wakeman of MSU's Undergraduate Alliance spoke at the Board of Trustees meeting.

"I think it would be in their best interest to respond well to the moratorium," she says. "I think that they should definitely stop making the decisions that they have been, at least until the university, the students are notified what's going on. I think they owe it to us."

The student group also called on president Lou Anna Simon and Trustees to join them at a rally at the state capital for governor Granholm's State of the State address next month. They also asked MSU to close the Dubai campus until the university's budget has stabilized.

President Simon spoke with students about improving dialogue after the Trustees meeting. She said she would attend the rally if the date doesn't fall on a planned trip to Dubai in January. Simon says the Dubai campus isn't yet costing MSU money because Dubai's government is committed to funding the operation through next year.