MSU Student Democrats protest Beck

Lansing, MI – Student Democrats at Michigan State University are expecting more than 200 people at a protest against TV and radio talk show host Glenn Beck. Beck is scheduled to speak Tuesday evening at the annual meeting of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in East Lansing.

Mitchell Rivard. president of MSU College Democrats, accuses Beck of misrepresenting the debate on health care reform. He says students do recognize Beck's right to free speech, "but it is equally our right as concerned students and citizens from all across the state to ascend on East Lansing today and to protest Glenn Beck and to say enough is enough of these lies. You know you need to tell the truth from here on out or you need to apologize for these lies that you've said in the past."

Chamber President Rich Studley says he does not expect the protest to interfere with the 500 people who have registered to hear Beck this evening. He says over the years, the Chamber has invited a wide range of speakers, regardless of their political views.