MSU proposes sweeping cuts

East Lansing, MI – Administrators at Michigan State University are proposing sweeping cuts and consolidations, in anticipation of reductions in state funding.

A plan presented to MSU Trustees Friday would see cuts and mergers campus-wide.
They include a reduction of Agriculture departments from 13 to 6. Geological studies and veterinary technician programs are among others on the chopping block.

MSU Provost Kim Wilcox says in some cases, no new students will be enrolled starting in January. Programs would survive, though, until current students graduate. Wilcox adds that if the administration decides to save any of the targeted programs, there will have to be cuts elsewhere, "We have a set of funds that we know is shrinking, so to save any of these programs, it means something else will have to be reduced or eliminated."

Wilcox says the cuts will have to go through an academic governance procedure before being enacted.