MSU, East Lansing warn would-be rioters

East Lansing, MI – EAST LANSING, MI (WKAR) - As the MSU community waits excitedly for Saturday's national NCAA semifinal game, the university and the city of East Lansing are warning would-be troublemakers to avoid disruptive behavior.


This is MSU's second appearance in the NCAA Final Four in as many years, and local officials want to keep the post-game activity in East Lansing from turning violent. University spokesman Terry Denbow says some 80 percent of those arrested for illegal behavior following a 2008 riot had no affiliation with the university.

"So it's clear that students should not invite people who come here to do things that are against their best interest," says Denbow. "And so many students this year have voluntarily taken up the mantle and are using social media to communicate this message to those who might be coming...and I think there's less and less tolerance among students."

MSU and East Lansing issued a joint statement today cautioning so-called "Spartans for a Day" against inciting violent acts.