MSU Dems target Garcia

EAST LANSING, MI – Five state senate republicans are being targeted for a campaign to restore Michigan Promise Scholarship funding.

Students from Michigan had been eligible for up to four-thousand dollars in scholarships through the program. That money has been cut from the budget.

Supporters of the scholarship are being urged to ask the senators to reconsider, focusing on those they think could be persuaded to restore the funding.

Mitchell Rivard, president of the MSU College Democrats, says Valde Garcia of Howell is one of the five senators. He points out that the higher education budget passed in the senate by a single vote.

"Senator Garcia was one of those proposed that could possibly help us. He didn't help us on that vote, but he is supportive of the Promise," Rivard says. "And so, we think that we can urge him to take a second look at his vote and restore this promise to our students."

While senator Garcia has been away from his office and couldn't be reached for comment, a staffer reports that calls have begun coming in promoting restoration of the Promise Scholarship.