MSU Community Music School Opens At New Location

Jan 7, 2013

The new location of the Michigan State University Community Music School will open for instruction today.

The school’s ten-year lease on a building owned by the East Lansing school district expired at the end of 2012. Last year, MSU bought a former church on Hagadorn Road, and the move became a reality.

There will be an open house at the school on January 20th.

We hope that people will be encouraged to stop in and see what's going on. Rhonda Buckley

For almost 20 years, the MSU Community Music School has provided music instruction to all ages from birth on up, and to all skill levels. The school was on Timberlane Street in East Lansing for the last ten of those years.

If you remember the University Reformed Church that used to be in the new location on Hagadorn Road across from the MSU campus, you’ll recall the brick structure that held a cross at the entrance. The cross has come down and banners are in place to welcome visitors. In something of a swap, the church has moved into the Timberlane facility.

The space where church services used to be held has been converted into a performance hall. There is space for music therapy clinical services, an ensemble room, an early childhood classroom, and a percussion studio. Upstairs, 18 teaching studios await students for private lessons.

Executive Director Rhonda Buckley says this move provided the MSU Community Music School with a chance to upgrade its technology.