MSU Appoints Hsu VP For Research And Graduate Studies

Jul 23, 2012

Michigan State University has appointed a new vice president for research and graduate studies.

Dr. Steve Hsu is director of the Institute for Theoretical Science and a professor of physics at the University of Oregon.

Hsu has also started two software companies, and has experience in venture capital. He says he hopes to unlock the value in the research done at MSU.

With a background in physics, Hsu adds that the development of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams on campus helped attract him to the post.

"It is going to, hopefully, explain to us how the heavy elements, heavy nuclei like uranium, originally came to be in the universe," Hsu states.

The board of trustees vote on Hsu's appointment was unanimous. He succeeds the retiring Dr. Ian Gray,and will start August 20th.