Motorcyclists rally at capitol for repeal of helmet law

Lansing, MI – Lansing, MI - (MPRN) Motorcycle enthusiasts gathered in Lansing today (Wed.) to protest Michigan's helmet law.

Members of the American Bikers Aiming Toward Education--ABATE--say the state could pull in more than a billion dollars in revenue if it got rid of the law.

A biker, who said he wanted to be referred to only as Joe, says the law impinges on freedom: "I don't think the government should tell me what to do, you know? If I feel like wearing a helmet, I'll wear a helmet, you know? Just like seat belts - they're telling you you need to wear seat belts. Well, that's my uh - you know, if I want to wear one I'll wear one. If I don't, it's up to me."

Governor Granholm says she supports the helmet law.