Mike Bishop says Senator spat is a non-issue

LANSING, MI – A state Senate investigation into an elevator argument between two senators is over. State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop released the details of the investigation Monday.

A grainy security camera video of the main entrance at the state Capitol shows Senator Roger Kahn exiting the elevator, pausing to turn back toward the people still inside, and then followed out by Senator Irma Clark-Coleman. The two senators walk briskly in opposite directions. But without any sound it's hard to know what was really said, making it a true case of "he said, she said."

Clark-Coleman felt threatened by the heated exchange and called for Kahn to be removed from his committee chairs and to be put through anger management.

But Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says Kahn won't be penalized. Matt Marsden is spokesman for Bishop.

"While both probably said things they regret," Marsden says, "this matter is closed as far as he's concerned."

Marsden says it's time for the Senate to focus on the budget and not a personal spat. Clark-Coleman has not said whether she will continue pursuing any action against Kahn.