Michigan's export market ripe for exploration

Jun 10, 2013

According to Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Canada is the largest destination for Michigan exports. Mexico, China, Germany and Japan also rank among the state's top five export markets.
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Exports are big business in Michigan. In 2012, $53 billion, which is about 15 percent of the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), was attributed to the state’s export economy. And that’s up 12 percent from 2011.

Much of Michigan’s exporting, however, is done by large corporations. But J.D. Snyder, the project director for the Best Practices in Regional Export Strategies at MSU’s Center for Community and Economic Development, says there is vast room for growth among the state’s small and medium sized businesses, which often shy away from exporting due to the perceived complexities.       

Today, he joins Current State to discuss Michigan’s export economy.