Michigan On Target To Meet Renewable Energy Standards, Could Achieve More

Sep 20, 2013

A new report suggests Michigan is well-positioned to expand renewable energy production.

Credit WKAR File Photo

As Michigan Public Radio’s Jake Neher reports, Governor Rick Snyder could use the information to push for more aggressive energy standards.

According to the state’s draft report, utilities are on track to meet Michigan’s current renewable energy standard. That’s ten-percent from renewable sources by 2015. It says production of wind, solar, and other sources is becoming cheaper and more efficient.

Conservation groups say the state no longer has any reason not to set higher standards in the future. Hugh McDiarmid is with the Michigan Environmental Council.

“Even if you take away all the environmental and public health benefits of clean and renewable energy and just go on cost alone, renewable energy is a winner,” he says.

The state will take public comment on the draft report and release a final version in November. Governor Snyder is expected to use the report to make policy recommendations to state lawmakers by the end of the year.