The Michigan Supreme to hear challenge to MSU harassment rule

LANSING, MI – The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether Michigan State University can continue to enforce its rule against harassing its employees as they do their jobs.

Jared Rapp confronted and yelled at a university employee in an MSU parking garage after found a ticket on his car. The employee felt threatened and called the campus police. The employee sat in his car waiting for the police to arrive while Rapp hovered outside the vehicle and snapped pictures with his mobile phone.

Rapp was charged with a misdemeanor and was later convicted of violating a university rule against interfering with MSU employees. A judge reversed the conviction. He said the rule is so vague it would be hard for a reasonable people to know if they broke the law.

The rule has been upheld by the state Court of Appeals, though, and the prosecutor hopes the Michigan Supreme Court will do the same.