Michigan Senate Approves Ban On Local Governments Setting Minimum Sick Leave

Jun 5, 2013

Some state lawmakers want to ban local governments from adopting new protections for sick workers.

The legislation cleared the state Senate Tuesday.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher has more.

Cities, towns, and counties would not be able to pass laws setting minimum time off for sick workers. A handful of cities across the county have adopted such laws. None of them appear to be in Michigan.

Democratic state Senator Rebekah Warren says if local governments want to require longer periods of sick leave, the state should respect that.

“It sends the message that we truly don’t trust our local communities to make decisions about local public health, which is one of the things that we entrust in them” she says.

But supporters of the bill say federal and state laws regarding sick leave already do enough to protect sick workers. They say the ordinances would hurt small businesses.