Michigan’s 16 Electoral College Votes Officially Cast For Obama/Biden

Dec 17, 2012

Credit Jake Neher / MPRN

Michigan’s delegates to the Electoral College have cast their 16 votes for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. 

As Michigan Public Radio’s Jake Neher reports, delegates Monday also took time to take shots at state Republican lawmakers.

Sen. Gretchen Whitmer: “President Barack Obama received all 16 votes from the state of Michigan” (cheering).

The scene in the state Senate chambers was very different than it was a week ago. This time, it was filled with cheering Democrats.

Besides casting their votes, delegates also passed a resolution to condemn the Republican-led state Legislature for some controversial actions during the “lame duck” session.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer says it was a good day at the state Capitol.

“In contrast to what happened in this building the last two weeks, where legislation was rushed through, while the building was closed, without committee hearings,” he says.

Brewer says Democrats are still considering their options on issues like “right-to-work” and the state’s new emergency manager law.