Michigan residents have more confidence in federal government

LANSING, MI – LANSING, MI (MPRN) - Michigan residents have more confidence in the federal government than the state government. Michigan State University conducted a survey that shows federal ranking above state government for the first time since the quarterly study began 15 years ago.

More Michigan residents than ever before say they're doing worse financially this year than they were last year, but a large portion of the 1000 people surveyed say they expect to be doing better next year than they are right now.

M-S-U economist Charles Ballard says "Some people might look at the GM bankruptcy and say oh, that's awful'. Others might say that's the thing that we need to get stabilized and moving forward to the future."

Ballard says that optimism may be attributed to an overwhelming majority of people who are hopeful for the future with the Obama administration. The president holds a 70 percent approval rating in the state.

Ballard says even Governor Granholm, whose approval has declined in the past, has seen a recent surge. He says that number is also probably spill-over from the popularity of the new president.