Michigan Power Outage Continues for Thousands

Dec 27, 2013

As of early Friday afternoon some 64,000 Michigan residents remained without power in the aftermath of an ice storm which struck the state's central lower peninsula early Saturday and Sunday.  More than 600,000 experienced loss of electrical services which has now extended from the Great Lakes state to Canada, upstate New York and into Maine.

Okemos resident Caryn Rhodes was still without power in her home at midday Friday.  "I think (of) eight family members that live in town, seven of us were without power",  said Rhodes.  "Between a couple homes that had power, eight different families and a couple hotel rooms, it was quite a fun family activity up until about Christmas Eve.  Now it's getting a little bit old."

At last report, Lansing Board of Water and Light reported 2,600 Ingham County Residents still in need of power restoration.  Consumers Energy had that Ingham County figure at 3,285.