Michigan K-12 budget may not see cuts


Lawmakers at the state Capitol are expecting to hear good news for schools funding later this week. Sales tax revenue projections may be higher than originally expected. But as Laura Weber reports, that doesn't mean that education funding is completely out of the weeds.

Roughly 34 hundred young children and parents gathered on the Capitol lawn to rally in support of funding for early childhood development programs.

Julie Samelson is with the Early Childhood Investment Corporation. She says cuts to early childhood programs have been too deep.

"You know, we've got research, we've got science, we've got data, we know this is a good economic investment for the state," she says. "And the fact that we can't get ourselves there is very distressing."

She says Michigan was one of just 10 states last year that cut money for early childhood programs.

Some lawmakers in the state House are optimistic that funding for school aid will be level in the coming year. They also say -- ideally -- schools should get more money to make up for cuts in the past.