Michigan Jobless Rate Drops To 7.5%

Apr 16, 2014

Michigan’s unemployment rate dropped slightly last month to 7.5%.

It marks the seventh month in a row the rate has declined, and its lowest point since April of 2008.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta reports.

The jobless rate is a little more than 1% below where it was a year ago, and outpaced the improvement in the national rate over the same period.

Over the past 12 months, employment grew in the manufacturing, high-tech, and hotel-and-restaurant sectors. There were job losses in the government and financial sectors.

The overall drop in statistical unemployment in Michigan has been slowed somewhat by people re-joining the workforce to compete for jobs. Also, when people who have stopped looking for work, as well as part-time workers who’d like to be full-time, are added the mix, Michigan’s rate of unemployment and under-employment is 15.2%.