Michigan Democrats Mark Tax Day With Bills For “Middle Class Tax Relief”

Apr 15, 2013

State House Democrats spent “tax day” pushing a plan to repeal several state tax policies.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, they say Republicans have put an unfair tax burden on Michigan families.

House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel says policies such as a new tax on pensions and the elimination of the 600-dollar per-child deduction need to go.

“Tax day is never something people look forward to,”  he says. “And now in Michigan, it’s something people look forward to even less.”

Democrats introduced a package of bills as part of their budget priorities unveiled last week. The legislation would repeal the pension tax, raise the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, and restore deductions and other tax credits.

Republicans say Democrats don’t have a realistic way to pay for the plan. They say Republican policies have created a fairer tax system that promotes job growth in the state.