Michigan Congressional Delegation To Push FEMA For Flood Help

Aug 18, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan’s congressional delegation are teaming up to push for federal help for flood victims.

Gov. Rick Snyder (r) and Congressman Sander Levin (l) speak with flood victims in Warren on Monday.
Credit mprn Jake Neher

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, thousands in and around Detroit are still dealing with damage after massive floods last week.

   “Sorry for your loss,” says Governor Rick Snyder.  A resident replies, “At least we’re still alive.”

The governor spent another day touring flood damage in Detroit suburbs – this time in Warren. He says he hopes to formally request help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency this week. Snyder says he’s been working with members of Congress to push for federal assistance for flood victims.

“The entire congressional delegation is being a good partner about saying they’re working hard to make sure FEMA is as responsive as possible,” he says.

Snyder and other elected officials are urging residents to send pictures and information about flood damage in their homes to their local governments. They say the degree of the flood damage will determine the amount of federal resources that can come into the affected areas.