Michigan Clergy Applauds Gov. Snyder’s Veto Of Controversial Gun Bill

Dec 18, 2012

A coalition of Michigan clergy members is applauding Governor Rick Snyder’s veto of a controversial gun bill. 

Credit swatcop / morgueFile

The measure would have allowed people with concealed pistol permits to carry weapons into “gun-free” zones like schools and places of worship.

The group was in Lansing on Tuesday to urge the governor to veto the bill.

Organizer Luke Allen says he’s pleased with Snyder’s decision. But he says there’s more work to be done.

“Obviously, it’s hard to feel too celebratory with what happened on Friday in Connecticut," he says. "And I think that this should be the start of a conversation between the people of faith of Michigan and the governor about how to reduce gun violence across our state.”

State House Speaker Jase Bolger said in a statement the governor’s veto will not make people safer in “gun-free” zones.