Mich justices file grievance against fellow Republican judge


The tensions on the state Supreme Court are out in the open as three justices have acknowledged they're seeking disciplinary action against another justice.

Three Republicans justices say Justice Betty Weaver violated a confidentiality rule by revealing details of the court's deliberations to a lawyer who used the information to craft a motion. Justice Robert Young says Weaver has repeatedly crossed ethical lines.

"I am utterly ashamed of her conduct," he says.

Young, along with Justices Stephen Markman and Maura Corrigan, sent their grievance to the Judicial Tenure Commission. If the commission finds misconduct, it could recommend censure, suspension, or removal from office.

Weaver says she did nothing unethical and says the complaint is rooted in rivalries and grudges on the court.

"The public is not interested in tattle-taling," she says.

Weaver questions whether the Judicial Tenure Commission can discipline a justice because its recommendations must be adopted by the Supreme Court.