Mich. gov to walk, not run, Labor Day bridge walk

LANSING, MI – For the first time in seven years, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm plans to walk rather than run across the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day.

The 50-year-old governor turned the holiday tradition on its head her first year in office, when she led off the 2003 crossing at a brisk walk and then broke into a jog. She ran most of the way, leaving puffing friends and aides in her wake and finishing the 5-mile trek in 47 minutes.

Last year, she finished in her best time ever: 35 minutes, 27 seconds.

Spokeswoman Liz Boyd said Tuesday that the governor will walk across the bridge Monday with her aunt and uncle, who are in their 70s. Jacquie and Ron Granholm live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About 40,000 others will join them.