Mich. gov candidate revises college tuition plan

LANSING, MI – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alma Wheeler Smith has revised a plan to raise Michigan income taxes and use the money to cover tuition for college students and preschool for all 4-year-olds.

The state representative from Washtenaw County's Salem Township said Monday her bills now make all taxpayers eligible for full tuition reimbursement through a tax credit. An earlier plan had limited full reimbursement to those making $107,000 or less.

The bills now also require community service from those getting the tuition coverage.

Democratic Rep. Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor has introduced the preschool bill.

The plan would raise about $2 billion by increasing the state income tax rate from 4.35% to 5.5%.

It would cost a household earning $50,000 about $524 more a year before deductions.