MI Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments On PA 4 Referendum

Jul 12, 2012

The state Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on whether a referendum on Michigan’s emergency manager law should appear on the November ballot.

The arguments will take place in two weeks. A business coalition that supports the emergency manager law is trying to keep the question off the ballot. The group Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility says a section of the petition was printed in a type size that was too small, and that makes it ineligible. The group lost before the state Court of Appeals, which said a court precedent left no choice in the matter. Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility wants that precedent reversed. And if it wins, t hat decision could affect other ballot campaigns that filed this year. The ballot campaign Stand Up For Democracy says there was no error. But it says, even if there were, a technicality should not keep a question off the ballot after 226,000 people signed petitions supporting it.