MI Supreme Court Rulings on Ballot Expected

Aug 30, 2012

The Michigan Supreme Court is expected to rule Friday on challenges to four questions proposed for the statewide November ballot following a three-hour hearing Thursday.

The questions would guarantee union bargaining rights, make it harder to raise taxes or build a new bridge to Canada, and allow more casinos.

The challenges zero in the ballot language and whether the questions fully explain how they would change the state constitution. The requirement is very technical, but that’s OK, said attorney John Pirich.

"You know, this process was not supposed to be simple,” he says.

Pirich argued to keeping off the ballot the question to require legislative super-majorities to raise taxes.

“This process is supposed to have standards that are achieved and honored”

Matthew Davis said opponents are simply trying to come up with new objections even though thousands of people signed petitions to put the questions on the ballot.

“It is clear there is an undue burden on the people’s ability to have ballot access,” he says.

The deadline for finalizing the November ballot is a week away.