MI Senate rejects more Granholm appointments


The state Senate has rejected seven appointments made by Governor Granholm. Senate Republican leaders say those positions should be filled by the next governor.

This is the second time the Senate has voted along party lines to reject Granholm's appointments to positions with terms that begin late this year or early next year. The governor and Democrats say the appointments would ensure the boards continue to operate smoothly through the transition to a new administration.

Democratic Senator Gilda Jacobs accused the GOP of playing partisan games, and warned Republicans they may not always control the Senate, and its power to reject governor's appointments.

"Don't spit in the water because someday you may have to drink it," she says.

The appointments were to unpaid positions on the Commission for the Blind, the domestic violence prevention board, and the Board of Auctioneers. Republicans say the next governor should decide who will serve in the new administration.