MI Senate expected to vote on texting bills

Lawmakers in the state Senate are expected to vote Thursday on legislation that would bar Michigan drivers from text messaging while driving. State Senator Buzz Thomas sponsored one of the bills.

"Who has not seen someone driving poorly on the road and when you get up by them by the window and you see them on the phone, looking down away from the road," he says. "And that type of distraction is reckless, it's irresponsible and we have to ban it.

Some opponents of the ban are upset that it would make texting while driving a secondary offense - meaning drivers could only be ticketed for texting if they were pulled over for something else. Thomas says small steps would help ease drivers into the idea that texting is illegal behind the wheel.

The state House has already approved similar legislation. If the Senate does not pass the bills Thursday the measure will have to wait until the Legislature reconvenes in January.