MI Senate begins voting on budgets


The state Senate began approving budget proposals Tuesday at the state Capitol. The lawmakers debated funding for Michigan's prisons, the Department of Education, and for community colleges.

The Senate also voted on state funding for universities. The budget cuts funding by three percent, and includes a new line-item that would require research universities to provide detailed reports of embryonic stem cell research.

Republican state Senator Tom George says the reports would not affect the decision by voters to allow for embryonic stem cell research.

"I would point out that the current higher-ed budget contains 23 separate reports which we ask of our, of our universities," he says. "And why do we do this? We do this to inform our decision making."

Senate Democrats oppose the measure to require embryonic stem cell reports. It is not expected to make much headway in the Democrat-led state House. Governor Granholm also opposes additional restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.