MI Senate approves money for tourism ads


The state Senate has approved a $9.5 million budget to keep the Pure Michigan tourism campaign on the air for the rest of the year.

The Senate action appears to rescue the campaign as the summer travel season approaches. The state House is expected to concur with the Senate, even though the money will have to come from the cash-strapped general fund.

Governor Granholm says she's pleased there appears to be a resolution to continue the Pure Michigan campaign for the balance of the year, even though long-term funding for tourism promotion remains uncertain.

"I will accept whatever comes to me because, obviously any step in this direction is important," she says.

The governor and the state's travel industry wanted to spend more on tourism promotion. The governor would pay for it with a new tax on rental cars at airports. She says that would place a lot of the burden on out-of-state visitors. The Legislature rejected that approach as a tax increase.