MI pushes forward with RTTT application


The key players in the discussion over Michigan's application for federal Race To The Top school-reform money have signed off on the plan.

State schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan gave the groups until the beginning of this week to get on board. Flanagan told the groups that if they did not offer their support, then he would pull the plug on the second-round application process.

It was widely believed that Michigan's first application was not considered strong in part because of a lack of support from local teachers unions. But this time around the state's largest teachers unions have signed off on the application.

Iris Salters is president of the Michigan Education Association teachers union. She says the MEA can only offer its advice to local teachers unions.

"Not everybody falls in lock-step, nor should they," she says. "But I think everybody will take a long, hard look at it, and make a reasoned decision."

The first round of Race To The Top funds went to Tennessee and Delaware, both of which had strong support from teachers unions.