MI Prison Owner GEO Faced Problems in Other States

May 11, 2012

A private company that a federal investigation found allowed "a cesspool" of conditions to exist at a Mississippi youth prison could be in line to oversee Michigan inmates.

Legislation awaiting passage in the Michigan House would require the Department of Corrections to close a prison and send 1,200 inmates to a private facility if it could save at least 10 percent.
Florida-based GEO Group is the only company that owns a private prison in Michigan.
Its Baldwin facility was built in 1998 as a private lockup for youthful offenders. The state ended the contract in 2005 when it found it could house the youths for less money in state-run prisons.
The House bill doesn't specify that GEO get the contract.  The bill was introduced by Newaygo Rep. Jon Bumstead.