MI legislature approves feral pig kill


The Michigan legislature has approved a measure that will allow some people to shoot feral swine.

Democratic state Representative Mike Huckleberry says feral pigs are a bigger nuisance than many people realize.

"These things get as big as 400 pounds," he says. "They're a menace, they destroy crops, they're dangerous, they carry diseases ..there's nothing good about them."

Huckleberry says states such as Texas and Florida ignored the problem of feral swine until those populations became nearly unmanageable. And he says most counties in Michigan are already reporting feral pigs roaming on property.

Anyone with a hunting license is already allowed to shoot a feral pig on sight. This measure would extend that to animal control officers, people with concealed pistols licenses and owners of property with feral pigs.

The measure now goes to the governor for her signature.