MI lawmakers would like to find text messaging agreement in Feb


Two state senators working on legislation to ban texting while driving say they would like to have the measure signed into law before the spring.

Democratic state Senator Buzz Thomas and Republican state Senator Roger Kahn met briefly outside of the Senate chamber to discuss what happens next with the texting ban. The Senate approved Thomas and Kahn's bills earlier this week. Now, Thomas says, they must reach a deal with House members who have also approved a similar measure.

"What we're going to try and do is call the offices together and figure out how we can't make this happen," he says. "Let's do this by February, I'd like to do it by February."

There are a few differences between the Senate and House versions of the bills - the Senate approved stronger penalties and fees. But the final version should reflect what both chambers approved - that is a person texting while driving could only be ticketed if they were pulled over for something else as well. Many lawmakers say they hope it will become a more serious crime in a few years.