MI lawmakers say they want summer break


Budget debates are moving along at the state Capitol, but lawmakers have a lot of work to get done in the next three weeks if they want to meet a self-imposed July 1 deadline and take a summer break.

Leaders in both the House and Senate say they would like to complete work on the budget before July. Republican state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says most lawmakers could use time in July and August to campaign.

"Those that are running for elected office should have the incentive to pass a balanced budget to get to a conclusion," he says. "And it's not in their best interest to go into the summer."

Bishop says if budget negotiations go into the summer months that could spell drawn-out debates and more political games. But lawmakers have a lot of territory to cover if they want to balance the budget in the next few weeks. Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon says at the very least, schools and local governments need to know before July how much money they can expect from the state for the next fiscal year.