MI House passes bill aimed at collecting unpaid parking ticket fines

LANSING, MI – The state House has passed a bill that would lower the number of unpaid parking tickets drivers could have before they would not be able to renew their licenses. The number would go from six to three unpaid tickets.

State Representative Roy Schmidt says his hometown of Grand Rapids could use the half-million dollars it stands to collect in the first year under the legislation. And he says other cities could also use the money.

"It's going to help urban core cities, and really all cities across the state who are in much need of revenue - a big boost to get revenue," he says.

A Detroit lawmaker says Schmidt's bill would put too much pressure on people who don't have access to reliable public transportation. But Schmidt says Detroit has about $30 million in unpaid parking tickets. And, he says, three outstanding parking tickets would be a lot easier to pay off than six.